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      First let me say thank you so much to listening to your customers for the features they want, and for continuing to offer free, excellent algorithms like the Resonator and the EQ Comp.  I've been searching for a high quality, all-in-one solution for the end of my chain like the EQ Comp.  It's soooo, close if the low/high shelves (bass/treble) were frequency adjustable (instead of parked at 400hz and 1800kHz) I would be ordering a Core to join my H9.  I'm not complaining (far from it!) but if this would be an "easy" update to implement in the future. I've long been looking for a quality eq like what I use in my studio for a long time, with hi/low pass or shelving, and the adjustable (semi-parametric?) eq.   I haven't had a chance to experiment with the comp and gate, but I'm sure they are great too.

      Thanks again, I'll keep an eye out for updates!

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