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      Just bought this new unit and when I try to register it through H9 control software – it says that it´s already registered. 

      I´ve tried to contact support@eventide.com -but no answer yet.

      I´m kind of desperate cause I need the unit working tomorrow.

      Anyone else had this problem?


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      Our people at support are going to ask you to send a photo of the back of the H9 showing the serial number sticker; it will look something like H9-12345. They ask people to do so because a number of users misreported the serial number that they needed deregistered.  If you send that in to them now, they should be able to process the deregistration today.

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      Yes – were just contacted by your support and have already send the serial number sticker back! But thanks for the quick reply and great that this can be fixed fast and before the weekend.

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