H9 Feature Request: Possible to keep preset in memory when midi pc loads same preset?

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      if I have preset ABC loaded in the H9 and a MIDI program change requests the same preset ABC, it would be nice to simply leave it in memory, instead of re-loading it entirely.


      Right now I have two H9’s, and in a few MIDI banks I use the first for Crushstation and the second for other effects like reverb and delay. I’m using the same Crushstation patch for multiple program locations. When I send the program change (to change from delay to reverb on H9 #2), however, the crushstation on H9#1 cuts out for a moment while it reloads the same preset.


      Any way (now or in the future) to tell the H9 that if it gets a request to load a preset that’s already in memory to just keep it in memory?



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      Obviously it could be done int the future. One might want to add  a wrinkle that says if the preset has been changed, it will be reloaded. But then, if you have an exp pedal, which wiggles slightly this will change things. You see the sorts of problems we face.


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      I recently bought an H9 and a Space that I am controlling with a Boss ES-8 switcher. I understand all of the bypass settings, and the spillover function of the Space. I’m having the same problem as the OP. The solution is simple.

      The setting should be called “Ignore Redundant PC Messages” or “Ignore Repeated PC messages”.

      So if you are on preset 33 (PC 33), and PC 33 is recieved again the pedal will ignore the message and NOT reload. If you send something other than PC 33, say PC 67, then the preset will change.

      As far as redundant or repeated CC messages that link to sound parameters, there is no reason to ignore them. They sound the same when repeated.

      This one update would make the H9 and factor pedals usable in a MIDI pedal rig.

      There are other threads with users with the same issue. Perhaps we could start one thread specificallly addressing this problem, and team up to really get Eventide’s attention.





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