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      Happy first post =)

      Made a rotary preset that i want to assign the fast/slow to the hot switch. I know in the app u just hit that middle button. Is this possible to add onto the pedal? The way its set up now the hot key is moving the values for the rotor and horn speeds as an exp pedal would. 

      I've Been trying different things w no luck. I know with an aux switch u can set it to performance switch and it works but i need the aux switch slot for tap at the moment.

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      I recommend you to get a 3-way footswitch like the Digitech FS3X. You can control up to 3 different things with a footswitch like that.

      It's very easy to wire one if you have basic soldering skills. Or you can ask someone to build you one.

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      I have a 3 button aux that i use on my 2nd h9. Was just hoping there was a way to assign this to the pedal itself since its something i dont do often,but its good to have. Worst case itll move It over to the secobd h9 and do it from there. 

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