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      Hi guys, I'm considering to buy the H9, but before I need to clarify to myself some features of the H9, because they are not very clear to me.

      1) does the H9 compared to the PitchFactor, ModFactor and TimeFactor have something less?

      for example do the H9 has the same Harpeggiator  and the same Pitch shifting / Harmonizer capabilities found in the PitchFactor ? 

      2) With the H9, How could I emulate the 3 footswitches found on the PitchFactor and ModFactor?

      Let me know,

      Thank you so much!

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      1) No, the H9 has the same features as the Factor pedals…. Assuming you purchased all the algorithms … So an H9 with all the PitchFactor algorithms purchased is the same as a PitchFactor. Only exception is TimeFactor … The H9 is missing the Looper feature at the moment… It is in development.

      3) if you need the 3 switch the Digitech one is popular, also this1smyne makes them too… There are also MIDI options if you want more complexityz

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      Where can I purchase the PitchFactor algorithms?

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      You've got an app, called H9 Control, that you can download on the Eventide site for free, or on the appstore if you have an iPad, iPhone or iPod. When you have this app, you can see all the algorithms into your H9, try them for a few minutes then buy them if you need it. Paiement via appstore or Amazon. 19$ the algorithm.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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