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      Hoping fro some wise words here. I use my H9 in an amp fx loop and run a second amp off the output 2 to get full benefit of stereo effects. only problem is it also outputs my amp signal when H9 is bypassed which I don’t want. Is there any way to stop this?


      Also I would like if possible to keep the DSP+FX so i get the fx trail remaining whihc is really cool.


      Any help appreciated!

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      Eventide Staff

      You could try Killdry, which will mute the output when it is bypassed. Not sure what you want it to do.


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      Hi Nick,

      I tried kill dry but it also muted output 1 so I had no guitar signal going to the amp at all.

      What I’m after is output 2 being muted so I just get my guitar tone (no effect) through output 1. Then when I use an H9 effect, output 2 kicks in so I get stereo which goes to a second amp.

      I’m trying to avoid having the second amp also broadcasting the mono (no effect) guitar tone as I’ve already got that coming out of my main amp.

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      Eventide Staff

      Only thing I can think of is using the WET/DRY routing option on the H9.  But you would need to setup up two presets of each effect:

      One presets would be in STEREO mode for full effects (the ACTIVE state preset).

      The second would be saved with WET/DRY 2 and a MIX level of 0 (the BYPASS state).  The dry signal would come out of ouput 1 and the wet signal (which has a MIX of 0) would ouput nothing on output 2.

      This sounds very tedious to incorporate for all presets and wouldn't work for most MODFACTOR algorithms since most don't have a mix control.


      I hope this helps!

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