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      Hi there

      First ever post on this forum, so go easy on me please    smiley

      I’ve been lusting over the H9 Max and am thinking of taking the plunge – it looks amazing!   I am also thinking of buying a Hughes and Kettner Grandmeister 36 (with the FSM432 midi footswitch).

      Now I have absolutely no experience with midi whatsoever, so my first question is, would the Grandmeister/footswitch , allow me to switch presets on both the amp, and also patches on the H9 at the same time with the push of 1 footswitch – (basically, so I’m not having to stomp on lots of switches at the same time when gigging?)

      If this is possible, then can anyone provide any guidance on how you’d go about setting this up on the H9? – are there any good guides/videos or anything which anyone is aware of which would help me to understand what’s required? ………midi looks very intimidating when you don’t know what you’re doing!!

      Anyways, I hugely appreciate any advice that anyone can give me –    Thanks very much for your help


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      The result you are looking is possible but we are unfimilar with the particular switcher you speak of so this may be a question for Hughes and Kettner. Learning the basics of midi implimentation can seem daunting but after some initial research you'll find that getting the hang of isn't as difficult as you previously though. There's a quick article on the matter here from our good friends at Premier guitar. 



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      Thanks very much for sending that article –  really helpful in understanding how to connect everything up, appreciate that!

      Are there any articles or videos that anyone knows of in terms of actually setting up the H9 for midi?  (ie, traversing all the menus etc!)

      Thanks again

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