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      Hi to everybody

      I love my H9 very much !!!!

      On stage we juse some Ipads connected via wlan with the OnSong-App. Our singer switches the songsheets and

      the other Ipads follows (mostly…;-))well behaved…  now it would be a dream to change the H9-presets via OnSongs Bluetooth Implementation, too….

      otherwise midi could work with a adapter

      any experience out there ???

      thanks, have a niche day Nobbie


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      Can OnSong send out a MIDI program change message when it loads a new score?  You could use this to change presets on the H9.  I know another user was using a feature like this in the app ForScore to change presets.

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      Hi Nobbie,

      I am using forScore to send program changes and CC messages to my two H9’s. It is working great, but you have to be careful with sending the midi CC messages though. After the H9 has received a program change is is not processing midi CC messages for about 350ms. The latest update of forScore has a midi delay option build in, so I can send a PC, wait for 350ms and than send some CC messages to adjust the H9 parameters after selecting a score. This way it is working great, but if you send a PC and CC’s in one message the CC’s are igonered by the H9. In firmware H9_4.8.0 one could send PC and CC’s together and all was processed, but in all later firmware versions this functionality was lost:-(

      If you want to send midi CC’s there is a workaround if there is no midi delay option in onsong. You would have to run MidiBridge too and install a delay rule into the StreamByter option. Before forScore had a midi delay option I was running it this way for my two H9’s and that worked ok too. It is not as easy though. If your H9 is on midi channel 1 you would send the PC to channel 1, so the H9 gets it right away, and the CC’s to, say channel 15. MidiBridge processes channel 15, applies the delay to the CC messages and maps channel 15 back to 1 so the H9 gets the CC’s with the delay applied. I used this StreamByter rule to get it working:

      # 350 mSeconds delay on channels 15 & 16

      BE-F = XX +D350

      # Map Channels

      XE = X0 # 15 to 1

      XF = X1 # 16 to 2

      If you have further questions, please let me know…

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      Not to rehash an old post, but I was curious if anyone got this working?  I just bought a maxed out H9, and have OnSong.  I’d love to be able to control my H9 via OnSong.


      I’ve tried enabling MIDI over Bluetooth, and have tried to set the virtual connection in the H9 control app to OnSong, but nothing seems to happen.  Strangely enough, after trying to mess with it for a while, it always seems to get to where the control app says it can no longer communicate with the H9 – though it obviously still is because I can change presets and such within the control app.


      Anyone have any ideas how to make it work correctly with OnSong?


      Thanks in advance.



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