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      Dear users, I have been using two H9 since the pedal became available. I am using instruments that have no line connectivity. i.e. use a mic to capture the signal.

      In general settings the options for Instrument source are: guitar, bass, lead and bass synth. I am a bit lost and would like to know if any of these presets are optimized for a mic signal. Otherwise I would be very grateful if some other user could share useful info.

      Thanks in advance

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      Given To Fly

      At one time, I could have sworn the options were guitar, bass, and keyboard. I am sure Eventide will explain. The simple version is if the source instrument is a bass, the PitchFactor algorithms are optimized to handle the tracking of the lower frequencies. If your source instrument is not a bass, then it is a “guitar.” So, if you are using a microphone to capture the signal of a low-frequency instrument, use “bass,” otherwise use “guitar.” If I am wrong, I am sure Eventide will explain. 

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