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      Sorry if that the questions have been asked already, but couldn’t find full answers (yet).
      I’m migrating from 2 H9 to my brand new H90, and have problem to configure my MIDI system properly as it was with the H9s.

      1) Is there any way to map PC# or is it fixed as PC#1 will change to Program 1 in the loaded user list etc… If not, any plan to have the feature soon?

      2) can I control expression via MIDI (was previously doing it with RVCCTL/EXP set up to BND , KB0-KB0 set up to C22-C31)?

      3) I was using a pitchy controler which sent PC#117,118, 125 and 126. Any corresponding program numbers to these PC#?

      Many thanks!

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      PC numbers are fixed to the position in the user list. MIDI setup and mapping info can be found here: https://cdn.eventideaudio.com/manuals/h90/1.1.2/content/system-menu/midi.html

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