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      Currently using 2 H90s each with their own Digitech FS3X 3 way footswitches as my “Aux Switches”


      One H90 is not allowing Performance Parameter Mapping of the Aux Switch.

      I am simply trying to map the Aux Switch to Active/Bypass for the on board switches 1,2,3

      I can only get the second (A) onboard switch to map to the foot switch


      Confirmed in I/O that Pedal 1 is set to switch 1-3


      The other H90 is allowing for each switch to be mapped normally

      Both are running software version

      swapped both cables an multiple foot switches same result


      Any suggestions?

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      All I can say initially is to try calibrating/re-calibrating the 3-Aux in the misbehaving H90.  That sounded like it might have been a TS cable issue, but you’ve already checked all of the potential combinations.

      I have a similar setup here. Let me see if I can come up with anything else that might be the cause.

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      Re calibration did it –

      I thought it was only for expression pedals

      Thank You!

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