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      I assigned 3 different presets for bits in different parts of a using using the bank fuction

      when I press the buttons there is a slight delay (maybe 0.25 seconds to half a second) before it sucessfully switches

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      Can you provide some more information about how you are using the pedal? Are you finding that you are unable to load the Programs in time to get the correct effects for your performance? Or are just trying to load the Programs quickly as a test?

      There are a few factors that will determine how fast Programs will load:

      1. In Bank Mode, loading a Program happens on release of the footswitch. This may be perceived as a slight delay in loading the Program.
      2. Certain Algorithms may cause a Program to load slightly slower than other Programs.
      3. The H90’s spillover setting can affect the Program load time. If your spillover time is 10 secs, then the best (fastest) Program loading will occur if you wait at least 10 secs between Program loads. You may notice this if you are changing between the 3 Programs in Bank Mode very quickly, but it is unlikely that you would need to change Programs that quickly in a live performance scenario. If for some reason you do need to change Programs very quickly, you can try a lower spillover setting.

      Note that you can also use HotSwitches to quickly change effect parameters without loading a new Program, this may be a better solution for you depending on the effects you need – https://cdn.eventideaudio.com/manuals/h90/1.1.4/content/edit-modes/parameters.html#hotswitch

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