Harpeggiator on Pitchfactor distorting when running both arpeggiators?

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      Hi there

      Was just wondering if it's normal that my Pitchfactor sounds pretty distorted when I'm running a mix of both arpeggiators on the Harpeggiator setting?  The harmonised notes in the arpeggios start sounding quite distorted as soon as you have 2 arpeggios in there, whereas they sound fine when singled out.  Is this normal or is there something wrong with my Pitchfactor?


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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Timon,

      There shouldn't be a problem running both voices at once, though I'll double check.  What's your setup, and what steps are you doing to get this sound?  Also, one of the effects on the Xnob and Ynob is FZ, which  stands for fuzz.  Might it be possible that you're hearing this effect?


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      I used the harpeggiator a lot when I first got the pitchfactor.  I never noticed any problems with 2 voices over one in terms of distortion. But the harpeggiator is very loud.. it's might be reaching the point where it is overdriving your amp or effects return when you add the second voice.

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      Thanks for your replies – yes it seems that with both arpeggiators running it significantly boosts the signal and as such had started distorting when entering my comp.  So I just have to adjust the volume.

      Thanks again!

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