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      I updated yesterday and have a big problem. When I activate any preset the volume gets muted. If I scroll to any other preset, then back its fine. If I bypass then activate volume is muted again. Anyone else having this problem? This happens using just the H9, or with midi. I tried a factory reset but issue persists. 

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      Did you assign the expression pedal to control the volume globally?  This could mute the volume of your H9.

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      Eventide Staff

      Does this apply to Factory Presets, or just the ones you saved ?

      You may also need to do a "Restore Factory System Settings."


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      It does this with no other pedals involved. I have reverted to factory settings. If I use the encoder to select a patch it works fine. As soon as I bypass the effect, then activate it the volume is zeroed. If I scroll to a patch or even back it works fine. Any ideas?

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      I am not using the expression volume option, if that helps.

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      I think I figured it out. Even though I have the expression volume option disabled, I had the set expression pedal value using the expression pedal. I was using this to control pitch shifting. How can I now control pitchflex via expression if this is now volume? Surely I am doing something dumb here. Thanks for the speedy replies.

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      The only thing that fixed this for me was to load up H9 Control and turn on the option to control input volume on a preset with Exp1, move it down and up, then uncheck the option. As you back out it asks if you want to save the preset, so I did and had it save all instances. After that all is well. Hope this helps someone else.

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      I also got the same behaviour when I changed a patch from my Prophet 12. It sends CC#32 with low values (0- 7) when patch up or down button is pressed. On H9, there’s default mappings for input volume which happen to be that same CC#32 and that’s why H9 “mutes” itself when patch is changed. Don’t know why activating preset on H9 does this too, but it does. 

      When I tried to change volume cc mappings from the H9 Control software, I found there’s a bug in it. Input or output volume cc mappings doesn’t really change to no mapping when it’s selected from the selection bar at the first time. And assigned CCs are shown randomly on both input and output volume “setting bar”. Sometimes there is nothing and some time there’s cc which is really assigned to it. And even when there’s assigned CC shown on the “setting bar”, there’s “no assigned” selected on the selection bar when trying to change the mapping.  

      Now to the fix:

      I got it working by removing both input and output volume mappings. Due to H9 Control software bug, I first assigned CC127 to both volumes and then changed them to no mapping. Now I can change patch from  Prophet 12 or activate preset on H9, and it doesn’t mute the input volume. 

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      Hi, sorry for bumping an old thread but I found it while searching for a solution for the exact same issue. This is with the latest H9 and firmwares as of april 2019. The workaround described above doesn’t work (anymore?). It looks like the CC32 is hardcoded: no matter what mapping I save to the pedals (PF and TF) the sound is muted when coming out of bypass, and I an only get it back by sendin CC32=127 again. If anyone knows the solution I’d be grateful!

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