How to import PART (i.e a range) of ORIGINAL TF BANKS AND PRESETS

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      I don’t want to overwrite banks 1-21.  I have my songs on there.


      But I made a mistake in something.  I overwrote Bank 22-50 (Presets 44-100) with a copy of one of my songs on all of them.


      Therefore, I lost all the stock TF factory presets . Since some are damn good on their own I wish to import them back.


      Anyway  can I import a RANGE of factory presets back while keeping my banks 1-21 (42 presets) intact?  I don’t dare lose my settings I already programmed for my songs on the first 21 banks!  I just want the remaining original banks with factory presets back on my timefactor.


      Also where do I download the original factory preset list from (100 presets)?


      Any help appreciated.


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      Hello dsouza,

      The best thing to do is use H9 Control to backup your current presets to a user list. Then, Factory Reset the pedal to regain the original presets. Lastly, import your custom presets onto the pedal once again.

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