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      Hi, this may be a heretical question but I’m trying to rationalize my equipment, or at least improve my rig options for guitar/bass (and recording).

      My guitar rig consists of the 4 Eventide stomps, chained by midi, so I can step through a setlist, sent through send/return of a Carvin valve amp. I didn’t want to use this for my alternative existence as a bass player, so I bought a Line 6 HX Effects. I can honestly say after years of using and recording the Eventide stomps that I think Helix effects totally suck! Yes, pretty scribles strips, superb software…but the sounds, in particular the modulation/reverb/delays, just do not touch the liveliness, organic feeling and richness of my Eventides.

      So, anyone here have experience/a view of the quality of delays/reverbs/modulations of the Kemper? I will NEVER get rid of the Eventides, but with two pedalboards (one for compressor, wah, overdrive etc. and another for 4xEventides plus power and a Strymon Deco) it’s a bit cumbersome sometimes and a no-no for the bass rig.

      So, opinions on Kemper’s built in effects? My thought was the Kemper Stage (to replace the HX Effects) as it has exactly the same functionality as the Kemper head or rack but in a convenient pedal board. There are loads of Helix vs Kemper things out there. They mostly focus on amp modelling capabilities, and most reviewers seem to think Helix effects are fantastic. I can only surmise they’ve never used Eventide… I can’t find any comparison of Eventide vs Kemper effects quality (in the obvious areas of mod/delay/reverb). BTW I’m OK with the digital amp modelling of a Kemper for live use (I love my Strymon Iridium for home recording).

      Thanks for any thoughts, David

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