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      Let’s build a list of small(ish) mixers that can use a stereo external effects path, so you could use something like an H9 as a stereo AUX effect. “small” means home studio size to pocketable, less than 16 channels or whatever you think it means.

      Alto ZMX862

      Alto ZMX122FX (even has built in fx. yay)

      Samson Sm-10 (1u rack, but still small-ish)


      Your turn…

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      I found another one: a Eurorack module this time:

      Blue lantern Stereo Sir Mix Alot 

      And just to be nice, here are links to the other items:

      Samson SM10

      Alto ZMX862

      Alto ZMX122FX

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      I paid a premium for an (under)board-friendly mixer, with a basic set of features.  But it’s augmented by some convoluted rack routing, plus an ancient line mixer.

      RJM Mini Mixer:

      Fostex 2016 Line Mixer:

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      I suppose all DJ mixers with send/return are stereo. Most are not “small” and definately not cheap. A filtered list at thomann:

      Otherwise the very small (recently discontinued) patchblocks pbmix3, though it has no aux faders:
      Art mx82
      If you have infinite money: schertler arthur:
      A bunch of rane sm62s can be anything you want.

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        Found another one: quite small. Bit expensive though. Radial Key Largo

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      The Radial Key Largo line mixer is the most transparent mixer anywhere near its class that I’ve ever used. That, and it’s compact size, make it an amazing choice for lots of applications, not just for keyboards. I can’t think of a better choice, unless you need a mic pre and/ or eq in your mixer. I love the fact that it only uses digital I/O where it is necessary–in it’s computer audio inferface section (96k/24 bit), and the rest of it is transparent analog. A great choice for using Eventide FX units, Eventide’s compact mic pre, etc.


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      This one is the size of a sheet of A4 paper. I bought one last week. Mono FX send, stereo return. I’m using it with a guitar, and an H9. It’s USB so you can also use it as an interface, and use the H9 to add effects to software instruments.

      Another option is the Yamaha MG10.

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        mistercharlie wrote:
        Mono FX send, stereo return.

        If that were OK, then there would be plenty of options. But this list is for devices that have stereo send and stereo return in something smaller than a table. Which is like a trying to find a foulmouthed unicorn. In the rain.

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