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      Make it a multi-effect plugin container… akin to CableGuys, SoundToys..


      Perhaps with some routing possibilities, or cross effect modulation,


      Perhaps a 16 grid/slot chainer,  with utility blocks to split signals and develop custom parallel and serial chains, and other utility blocks that can take up a slot – filter block, phase invert block, autogain block, micropitch block, etc, etc.



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      Eventide Staff

      Thanks for your suggestions, I’ll pass these on to the developers.

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      A big +1 for this idea. I would gladly throw more money at Eventide to upgrade my H9 series plugins to H9000 Native — or whatever it would end up being called if such a hypothetical unified H9 environment were developed.

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      Obligatory 5-month bump just because I really am obsessed with the idea of a unified H-series environment and came back looking for other people chiming in. hahahaha

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      I will third this idea. I thought about writing the Support dept but I’ll add to this tread. As an owner of several H9 plugins and the owner of the SoundToys bundle I see the next step for the H9 series to be an environment akin to SoundToys Effect Rack where plugs can be dropped in chains and saved as presets. One unique feature of the Effect Rack is the ability to recycle the output of the chain back into itself for some pretty bonkers effects. I think Eventide could go one step beyond that in this virtual rack adding a Looper like the one in the TimeFactor (which I also own) with all its fixin’s such as pitch-shifting and especially the ability for sound-on-sound decay!

      Hope these ideas make it to the devs!

Viewing 4 reply threads
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