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      I know that preset preferences are highly objective but really many the presets on offer are pretty weird (you know what I mean) and some are so fierce in transient you could blow a speaker, unusable  … so I was wondering is anyone aware of a source of ‘useful and tamed presets’ we would be happy to use in battle. I’d love to hear how people use some of these weirder algorithms

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      I should have added I’m talking about H9 here!

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Chalky, many of the presets can be tamed by simply adjusting the MIX or INTENSITY controls as well as Tone controls. Also, there are many more presets available via the H9 Control app for all the algorithms. You can pick your favorite ones and create a custom list to later download to the pedal. Many of the presets in H9 Control are newer and some are even artist presets. Again, use them as jumping off points to get the sound you want, but more often than not, you have to experiment with the parameters to dial in your tone. H9 Control has an “info” tab for each algorithm than can help you get a greater understanding of how to tweak your own settings.

      Eventide’s only other resource for presets currently are the four preset lists on the H9 landing page of our website. These are the factory preset lists that we’ve been modifying over the years as newer algorithms were introduced. Still, they are all derivatives of each other and not much different then what you find currently on the H9 Max. My recommendation is to join some H9 user groups on social media and ask people for their favorite presets for a particular algorithm.

      Lastly, make sure your running the latest firmware. If you end up installing the latest version, always conduct a factory reset of the pedal afterwards to make sure you have the latest sounds. DON’T FORGET TO BACK UP YOUR CUSTOM PRESETS BEFOREHAND.

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      Thanks for that Joecozzi .. I meant no disrespect to H9 -I’ve had mine for about 9 years now and it has never left my board, unlike many other pedals. I have ploughed through the factory presets many times and i’m sure I am not alone in being put off by the weird pre-sets and wondered what on earth you can actually use some of the algorithms for.

      I probably use just three algorithms, yet there are so many more, and I was just rather surprised that no one seems to have monetised the opportunity of gathering the proven studio and stage-ready ready-made pre-sets for those weirder H9 algorithms to illustrate real musical application: I suppose I am thinking of digital amp’ modelling Britt Fremen et al here, who kind of ‘show you the way’ when presented with so much choice.

      I am a huge fan of H9, and its resilience in the marketplace after all these years is testament to its quality and design, especially when paired with the excellent Barn 3 switching cradle.

      There 🙂

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      What algorithms do you want presets for?  I have a H9000 and may be able to port stuff to the H9.

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