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      I just got my new mixing link – and being able to run it on 9V batteries was a deciding point for me. Now there’s one major and one minor issue when trying to put in a 9V:  major – the cable terminating into the battery clip is (way) too short. If clipped in there is no way get the battery into its space…..!

      the minor one: the reseverved space for the battery is sooo tight I might be able to cram it in (which I can’t anyway because of the short cable) but it’ll be very difficult to pry it out again.

      My mixing link has a stcker that says it was ‘quality controlled’ or something.

      Never had something like that happen before  ;(



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      Hi Keenast,

      Yes it is a bit tight to say the least.

      It is designed so the battery holder snaps fit against the side of the chassis with the battery clip wires going under the ckt board.

      We will extend the battery clip wires to make installation easier.

      joe waltz


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      Just want to say Thank You for Eventide’s phantastic customer support! I’ve got my Mixing Link replaced in record time and now, having it back can only say, what a great box this is. Total Swiss army knife, the Leatherman of audio/studio/live stompboxes. Highly recommended.

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