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      Hi guys,

      I just bought a ModFactor. I noticed that whenever I stomp on the Left switch to turn the effect on, it takes milliseconds to actually turn on. Like there's some kind of really short delay before the effect activates (the LED actually is delayed too). This is in DSP bypass mode.

      And one more thing is when it is in Relay bypass mode you can hear an audible "click" in the signal everytime you turn the effect on and off, but in Relay mode there's no "short delay" before the effect actually goes on/activates, like the effect turns on right after you stomp on the switch. Are these normal?

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      I'm using 2.0.2[3] but I dunno if it's got something to do with the issue, probably hardware related?

      All of these happens either in Bank mode or Play mode. Only in Bank mode, if you alternate between left and middle switch (to select preset 1 or 2) there's no delay. But if you turn off say the left switch then switch it on again, the "short delay" happens again. And again this is in DSP bypass mode.

      Do you guys think this is normal? Cause I just bought my ModFactor so it's new and I'm worried that this is not how it's supposed to be. Thanks!

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      I'm running my ModFactor on 2.0.2[3] btw, but i dunno if that's got somehting to do with the issue.

      This happens in both Play mode and Bank Mode (DSP bypass). Only time it doesn't happen in Bank mode is when you alternately switch between the middle and left switches. But if you say, turn off the left switch and then on again, the "short delay" happens. Again all of these happens only in DSP bypass mode. When it's on Relay mode there's no problem. Anyone care to comment?

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      Eventide Staff

      The first thing you should do is update to the latest version – this has significant performance improvements.

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      Woah!! I just updated it to the latest update (2.4.2[1]) and it worked! Wether it's on DSP or Relay bypass mode the switching in any switch is 100% fast and accurate and in real time. It's like it's brand new! The update really improves the system's response. Thanks for the reply nickrose! Stick out tongue

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