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      Hello, new user here. I recently tried to update my new Modfactor and was unsuccessful. I was able to download the software to my computer and when I connected my Modfactor, it was recognized. Nothing else happened from this point. The modfactor did not download the new software and it basically froze. I have emailed tech support about this and have not heard any reply. Does anyone here know what I can do? Thanks for all help.

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      Wow, 0 replies and no help from tech support. This sucks!

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      Hi Duane

      you'll be contacted today, I'm sure.

      all the best


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      Hi Duane,

      I opened a ticket for your issue and I emailed you at about 9am EST. However I was unable to find any previous contact from you to our Support Deparment email.

      Please note in the future if you experience any technical difficulties with one of our products it is best to contact first, as this the department to assist with technical issues. The forums should be used as a last resort when experiencing difficulties or malfunctions with one of our products.

      Looking forward to assisting you.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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