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      i just bought a used mod factor … as i couldn't find this in any manual:

      what is the setting Utility:Source (Guitar,Bass…..) exactly doing?

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      what is the setting Utility:Source (Guitar,Bass…..) exactly doing?

      It fine tunes the active frequency range of the algorithms for your particular instrument. If you select bass for example, in an algorithm with pitch tracking it will allow tracking of lower frequencies or in an algorithm with filters it might allow the filters to go to lower frequencies.  One of my colleagues will have to chime in on how this settings affect the individual ModFactor algorithms…

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      Eventide Staff

      Well, good catch….. in MF I can't tell that it actually does anything.  I think we originally merged it in from the PF OS because I was doing specific bass work on the QWah Algorithm, but I found that it was just more useful to add BASS wah types to the TYPE knob (because they sounded great on guitar too).  It appears we forgot to remove the SOURCE menu from the system menu.  

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