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      Hey all, new user here looking for some clarification on the following as applied to using Chorus source: sine, triangle, peak, square, envelope? Also, what do smp/hld and adsr stand for? I want to make and store my own presets like the rest of use, I would like to better understand how each source affects the basic Chorus sound before all the tweaking (what is mild to wild). I am not asking for long drawn out definitions, just the basics and if possible an example, sounds like " Boss, TC Electronic, or analog, digital" or a particular players sound, and so on. Thanks for your help, just trying to get into the zone! Les>>>

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      Hello Limidge,

      The most common wave types for Chorus will be Triangle, Random, and Sine.  This is because these are the smoothest waves which will create the most gentle pitch changes.  Envelope can sound good too.

      On the other hand, Peak, Square, and Sample/Hold can create interesting more rhythmic sounds.

      Finally SMP/HLD stands for sample and hold, which is kind of like a random square wave, and ADSR stands for Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release which is based on the style of triggered envelope that is common in many synthesizers.  ADSR is like envelope, but instead of constantly changing based on your overall volume, it turns on if you get above a threshold and turns off if you go below it.

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