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      Zaphod B

      Hi, all. I've had my ModFactor and TimeFactor for about a year and a half now, and hadn't bothered with updating the software until I realized that the latest version for the MF allowed gain control for each patch.  I thought I'd share my experience for those of you who are thinking about updating but haven't done so, for whatever reason.

      First off: Document your stompbox settings – all of them. If you have any custom presets, go through them and write down each parameter setting as well as which bank the preset occupies. You will thank me later.  Also any global settings – MIDI channel send/receive, bypass option, killdry on/off – all of it. You probably messed with all this stuff when you first set up your stompbox but you're not going to remember it now.

      Second: Download FactorLib and back up your presets.

      Now download the updater and take the plunge.

      My results:  

      1. All my custom presets were gone

      2. All the global settings were reset to default

      3. A power cycle was necessary to enable the unit to save presets

      Despite the above, it only took me about 1/2 hour to get the ModFactor back to normal, and much of that time was due to my decision to not reload my presets from the backup file; I decided to hand-jam them and tweak 'em a little while I had the opportunity. 

      It was worth every minute to get gain control on the Rotary!

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      Zaphod B

      The results were much better when I updated the TimeFactor this morning.  All of my settings remained intact; in fact, the update was completely transparent. Very nice!

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