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      Hi everybody,

      I'm a new ModFactor user and so far impressed with this stompbox and its sounds, but I don't quite understand the "Voc-Wah". As far as I know, it is supposed to sound "talk boxy" or "vocal", but it doesn't. No matter if I dial in "B..EA..T" or "TH..I..RD" or something like that (which is not explained in the manual), it always sounds the same. I reproduced the 3:1 factory preset "Talking Back", but it still sounds like a regular auto filter/wah-wah pedal.
      Could someone please explain the supposed effect of these "B..EA..T" etc. depth parameters?

      Thanks a lot

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       Hi Gerald

      the VocWah is based on our popular fx from the DSP4000, used by Steve Vai in the mid '90s. The fx is based on vowels formants filtering. The words simplify the choice for the user. It's a different fx from talk boxes or real wah. The filter superimposes a formant_like tone to the input source. Obviously, like a wah, the effect should be used without dry signal mixed in.



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      That's all rather interesting academically but…yeah, Gerald is right. The sounds are not very vocal. The differences between most of the vowel settings are extremely subtle. The Line 6 FM4 does have some vowel sounds which are much more vocal. I'm a big fan of the Time Factor but the Mod Factor feels like it shipped before it left beta.

      – Elliot

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      It's not a question of beta or academic considerations here. Very likely the Q factor may have been fixed at lower setting to avoid clipping. This parameter needs very careful adjustments or the filter will severely clip. It's possible this may be increased a bit if parameters interface allows.


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      Hi Elliot,

      since I happen to have an FM4 that I haven't used a lot yet, could you recommend some settings to let that thing "talk" ;-)?

      To Eventide: As a suggestion, the manual could be a bit more explanatory about the settings. My general impression is that – apart from the in-depth and important explanation of MIDI controls etc. – the writers/developers had a kind of a "Go, find out yourself" attitude, which in my opinion is not a good approach for such a complex pedal. Well, just my two cents …


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