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      Hello, I’ve been messing around with the H90 for a while, but I can’t seem to solve this problem.

      I want to achieve the most common scenario, which is to place an ordinary distortion pedal in a loop while achieving the stereo space effect from the final output. However, I have tried various methods and cannot achieve this.

      Why is it a loop instead of directly connecting the distortion pedal’s out to H90’s input? Because some effects, such as Q-Wah, need to be placed before the distortion. I want to use the loop along with routing settings to achieve the various position of the distortion loop and the two algorithms.

      Please guide me on how to connect them properly. Thank you!

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      Hrmm interesting… I have mine set up as dual mode so the H90 acts as 2 efx loops.

      Mine is connected to a Morningstar ML10x as 2 separate loops in stereo.

      The output of the second H90 is always stereo with a mono input

      Sometimes I’ll do what you say and place one of those H90 loops before a das distortion pedal (in my case the dist is in  another mono loop controller Morningstar ML5 which has 5 mono loops)

      And I’ll place a delay or something after that like you’ve asked.


      Did I get that right?

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      You can follow these instructions for 1 mono insert, just ignore the instructions for connection the 2nd mono insert. Connect H90 outputs 1-2 to your stereo monitoring destination.

      Note that if your mono insert is at the very end of your insert routing signal path, final output will be summed to mono. If both outputs 1-2 are connected, any presets before and after the mono insert will process in stereo.

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      It’s quite amusing that the reason I didn’t come up with the correct result myself is that I didn’t realize when I had turned on force mono…
      What made me confused was the relationship between input/output and insert. The user manual is also a bit cryptic about this.
      In fact, in insert mode, I/O 3 and I/O 4 are equivalent to Insert 1/2, and I/O 12 represents the left and right ends of the routing.

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      Eventide Staff

      Glad to hear you figured it out.

      The I/O behavior is described here:

      When using Insert mode, I/O 1-2 will be the main path, I/O 3 is insert 1, and I/O 4 is insert 2. I/O 3/4 can be combined to be a single stereo insert.


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