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      Hey everyone. I just purchased a Pitchfactor. I think it's gonna be an amazing stompbox. It really fills a need in my pedal loop. I hope Eventide really gets behind this hardware. It's a great niche' for them to be in. In a world of plug-in's give me the real thing !  

      So far my biggest issue is viewing the parameter settings. I'd love to be able to just touch a knob, then have the screen change and display the current setting for that parameter.

      The way it currently is, I have to actually change the setting up or down before the setting displays. Well, if I can't remember what the setting was before I go and experiment with it, how do I get back to the original unedited version without changing patches?

      Also.. I have to agree with the other posters. The output levels definitely change with effects. It would be great to have an output setting that could be stored with each patch to keep the gain structure constant. 

      Last but not least… I also agree when it comes to letting us name our programs instead of Bank 1:1…. etc…  I don't have much of a memory anymore. I need a patch name to describe the effect.

      But in the end, I'll always take sound character over operating system quirks !!



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      Eventide Staff

      If you enable CATCHUP (see User Manual), it will display the current value unchanged until the knob passes through it. This should do what you want.

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