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      Hey guys

      My name is rex and i just added the '"time factor" too my arsenal.  I love it and it works great

      with my GCP/GCX from voodoo labs.  I have read the manual but it is overwhelming on spot so threefore i have a few questions maybe some of y'all can help out with.

      1.)  according to factorlib i am current on the v3.5 version however i can't seem to find the new "roger water" settings?

      2.) not sure i understand killdry feature but none the less here is my dilemna.  ON a loop switcher cutting off the loop means cutting off the delay unless you somehow bypass the pedal and it can't have the repeats ring out while the effect is off.  I hope i explained this right.  so is there a way for instance my delay is on gcp-4 and i can accomplish this.  So far i've been able to get different "time factor" patches to pull up on different GCP settings which is awesome.

      3.)  Last i saw an area in the forum "upload your presets here"  I am totally not seeing where i can download other users settings? 

      any help would be great



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      1.) If you initialize the TimeFactor after v3.5 is loaded then you will see Dave Kilminster's The Wall Presets. Warning: Initializing will erase all user-created Presets and settings so you may want to back up any presets you have made before doing this-

      To Initialize, plug in the power cable while simultaneously holding down the Middle Footswitch AND the Encoder knob button for a few seconds.

      2.) If you want to repeats to ring out, use a Bypass option called "DSP+FX." This is found in System Mode/ BYPASS. If you bypass TimeFactor using an audio loop switcher then you won't be able to take advantage of DSP+FX.  Killdry is a little different. Killdry simply removes all dry sound from TimeFactor's outputs. This is useful if you're using TimeFactor in an amp's parallel effects loop, where the effects are mixed with the dry sound by the amp.

      3. To upload your sounds, compose a post and the click the "Options" tab. You will see "File Attachment." There you can upload a file. Make sure it is zipped before uploading.

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      Ok thanks man i appreciate this.  I have gotten number 1 and 2 done. 

      If i may dive further in. 

      I am using the voodoo labs gcx/gcp (hope you may have knowledge on this).

      I usually use my delay on loop 6.  So is there a way to turn the preset off via the loop 6 button so the delays repeat (i know the loop is essentially on so i'll be running dsp+fx).  i only want this for one or two presets.

      and as far as number 3- maybe i did not look far enough into the forms to view others presets? 

      i didn't see much.


      btw this pedal is great i only see one minor issue that may be fixable, where would i send a request?  basically using the effect the tone is great but there is a small bit of low end (approx 200hz area that disappears when the unit is on.  for instance i have an mxr chorus i use on one of my heads to thicken spots up but i would rather go with the TF, i made a nice patch but the low end is slightly less than the head dry or with the mxr chorus.

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      The problem with the delay trails when you use the GCX is that when you switch off the GCX loop you will take the TimeFactor out do the circuit and you will not hear the TimeFactor… The only way is to do as Alan suggests and use DSP+FX then bypass the TimeFactor using a midi command to bypass the TimeFactor and NOT on the GCX… Then you will get the repeats fading out as you want.



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      perfect so what i lack is finding out how to do so via midi.  i have the TF betweeen loops, i have figured out how to assign an instant access button (#8)  for the TF but i can't find how to turn the bypass on and off and further i will set up various patches with different delays as well. 

      I have figured out how to recall patches while the TF is in a loop but with it out of a loop so far i have TF at (DSP+FX) but i can't get the gcx/gcp to turn the TF on or off (active/bypass).

      this does free me up a loop as well.

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      Page 35 / 36 in the manual (at least the one I have) explains what to do.


      If TimeFactor is on say midi channel 3 then you need to set BYP (bypass) on the TimeFacter CC Rcv menu ( continuous control receive) to say CC value 18.

      Then set a button on the GCP to be an IA (Instant Access) button and get it to send CC18 on midi channel 3.

      That will basically toggle the Bypass on the TimeFactor …. I'd you have DSP+FX enabled.. You will get trails.

      Hope that helps

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      almost there i believe. DSP+FX is good to go.  Instant access 8 is assigned to the correct midi cnhannel……CC not sure what to use.

      and on the TF RCV CTRL when i hit the Encoder it has KB3 < C35 ( i have no clue what is goin on here)??

      thanks man

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      Cool, nearly there now Cool

      What you are seeing is that KB3 is assigned to CC value 35… So if you sent CC35 on the midi channel it would control KB3 (Knob 3)

      Off the top of my head…. And not having done this for a while! Try turning the rotary knob to see if it changes to KB4, KB5 etc… Keep turning it til you see BYP with a C value…. Whatever that value is..say it is 22 then you need to set your IA switch 8 to send CC22 on the TimeFactors midi channel…. If there is no value then press the encoder and set a value.

      Sorry, child asleep, so can't get to my factor to double check the exact steps.

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      is the KB knobs for parameters? (sorry) Surprise

      ok so i have solved some i have the midi for both on ch2 (i have apod x3 i may use here and there on ch 1.)

      ok so chan 2 midi and the using loop #8 as a midi for the bypass both set at CC00

      it works and then i find my midi and find what bank and try to match up 2:2 to GCP's 04

      now when saving presets to use this unit as a free pedal (no loops) i'm having trouble getting back to the correct setting;

      1.)  rhythm- no delay

      2.) fat rhythm – no delay

      3.) lead – with TF delay (it is on when i get to this patch.

      now when i go back to preset 1 (no delay) it's actually on.

      not sure on this once again.

      do you use the voodoo lab GCP?

      how old is your kiddo? i'm off today my wifes out and i've got 4 year old and 2 month old

      and this pedal keeping me busy. 

      i went from all effects on the floor since the late 90's and finally got a switch system which is great but this tech stuff is crazy……..

      heres some tunes from an upcoming cd

      thanks for your help man

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      Yep KB3 is knob 3… Parameter 3 …."DLY Time B"

      You would need to have the TimeFactor on a different midi ch than the GCX… Well you can have them on the same ch…but it can get confusing and a pig to troubleshoot …. iMHO.

      If you have both loop 8 and the TimeFactor set to bypass on the same ch and cc… Then it will still bypass the loop too?

      I used to have a GCP, But changed to an MFC-101 nearly a year ago….I like the GCP… I always found it very intuitive to program… Easier than the MFC-101 and midimate anyway.

      One 9 year old here, fasts a sleep thankfully…. 2 month old? How's the sleep? LOL I remember the lack of sleep….killer! LOL but totally worth it.

      It's late here, let me have a think about this….might need to know a bit more about how you are trying to set the GCP up and how you want to control the devices as far as IA switches.

      I never owned a GCX…. Although I did look into one when I had the GCP

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      i can't figure out how to copy a pic here but here is my rig


      wah (dime wah)

      whammy IV

      korg pitch black

      to gcx loops

      1.) evh phase

      2.) flange and small stone

      3.) od

      4.) gate split from the out one goes to loop 5 the other to loop 8

      5.) chorus

      6.) (was the time factor) now open loop

      7.) send to jcm 800 #1  the out to roland Jc120 (when i feel like using it)

      8.) send to jcm 800 #2  no delay sent here (however the steroe delay i may utilize this for some png pong)

      the time factor now resides in between loop 6 an7

      the chorus goes to only one head for a wide seperation for parts…… a chorus

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      Had a think on this today and remembered that the GCP only allows a single CC command per switch, so you will need to dedicate 1 switch to bypass the TimeFactor if it is on a separate MIDI channel….. Otherwise it will get complicated to program.

      Is the TimeFactor on a unique midi channel? 

      If / once it is the program one of the IA's switches to send the CC number you set on the TimeFactor for Bypass on the unique Chanel that the TimeFactor is on… As long as the TimeFactor is listening on that Channels and nothing else is ie other things are not set to omni… All channels. You should be good to go

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      The steps on a Space (should be same or very similar on a TimeFactor) are as follows:-

      1. Press and hold the rotary switch and the right foot switch until bypass is on the screen

      2.Turn the rotary until you get "MIDI"…. Press the rotary switch.

      3. RCV Channel should be displayed (may be shorter on the Factors)…. Press the rotary switch

      4. Turn the rotary knob until you get the Midi channel you want the factor to listen on…then press the rotary switch…. Let's say midi channel 9 for example.

      5. Turn the rotary knob until you get "RCV CTL"… Press the rotary switch.

      6. "Bypass < —" should be displayed by default. With the "<" flashing

      7. Press the Right foot switch and the flashing "<" should change to a ">"

      8. Turn the rotary knob to change the "—" to C0, C1, C2 etc. the number corresponds to the CC number… So C1 is CC1…. Select the value you want ( I used to us the same number as the IA switch on the GCP… So if it was IA switch 7 the I used CC7…. Where is could)…. Press the rotary switch.

      Now on the GCP set the IA switch to transmit CC7 on Midi channel 9 and the factor should toggle between bypass and effect when you press the IA switch.

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      alright your info was a bit more in depth for me, since i was lost.  i wsn't too far off but none the less thanks for the help.  IT IS NOW WORKING YEEEHAWWWW

      i called voodoo labs and the forgot one step in the GCP, set "xmit w/ preset"

      got this and it is working……the correct delays on the correct banks. no delays on banks which do not require delay. 

      this is awesome.  thanks again



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      LOL, sorry did not mean to loose on that.

      But hey, no matter…. Glad you have got it working… That's the important thing.

      Have fun!



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      THANK YOU much appreciated……….

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      No problem, happy to help!

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      Newer New guy!  I am lost none of this makes much sense to me.  To tell you the truth I had to put the product on the shelf because I just didn’t understand it. I got everything but what I wanted.   I have a Eveventide TimeFactor TF-11628 according to the Eventide Direct Updater I downloaded the 5.2.0[6] the 3.5.0[4] shows a red NO under the Supports H9 Controls.  I would love to download the Dave Kilminster pink floyd presets!  I ran the install and it went ok on my Mac running 10.11.6 .   How do I find the presets I am at a loss?

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        Tatge wrote:

        I would love to download the Dave Kilminster pink floyd presets!  I ran the install and it went ok on my Mac running 10.11.6 .   How do I find the presets I am at a loss?

        If memory serves me correctly, I believe the last 10 presets or so on the TimeFactor itself are those presets.  Also, if you look in H9 Control at the various TimeFactor algorithms, the Pink Floyd presets are typically at the bottom of the list of presets for those algorithms (because they were added most recently).  For example Band Delay has a preset called 'Last Few Bricks 2'.  MultiTap has one called 'Worms'.  Digital Delay has 'Another Brick 1', 'Last Few Bricks 1', 'Comf Numb Verse', and 'Run Run Run' and so on.

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      This does me no good ! .  NO PRESETS to be found!  No H9 Control!!  H9 Don’t upgrade.   I do not now and for that matter never have seen presets on this at all.  

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