Noise and “cracking” sound when using H3000 Factory Native

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      When i load up the H3000 in Reaper og FL studio the sound gets noisy and cracked,  similar

      to what low asio buffer would do to the sound.

      This problem occur on any asio buffer size tho, all the way from 64 to 2048 samples in my

      RME fireface UFX ASIO driver. H3000 is updated to the lastest version but this has been

      happening in every version since i bought the plugin last summer.

      In my pretty big collection of native plugins, the H3000 is the only one having Im having this problem with.

      My setup is

      Windows 8.0  running on a intel 6 (12) core workstation with 32GB ram and a UAD 2 quad PCI card.

      Im kinda stuck with this, and its very frustrating not being able to use the superb sounding plugin in any serious work..  

      Any suggestions to a solution is greatly appreciated!


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      Can add that by "sound gets noisy and crackes" I mean the sound on the channel I put the H3000

      on, and not the whole project.  I also checked and rechecked all background services in windows and possible memory leaks etc, but found nothing. 

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      I was going to add that I ment the sound is changing on the channel I add the plugin to, and not the in the whole project. 

      But when I rendered a few clips to use as examples, I noticed the crackling and pops where absent in the rendered wav!

      Very strange!

      I guess this means that i can use the plugin in my commercial mixes. But nontheless its very irritating to hear the artifacts when i work..


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