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      Hi all!

      having just got a modfactor I'm blown away by the quality of the effects – better than any mod pedal I've tried before.


      its a touch tricky to use in a live situation. For instance it's a real *** to select presets (if I can find any) and if I'm on back 2:1 and I want to go 1:1 I have to scroll up to 50 to get back to 1:1 – which is a pain In the ass.

      I've been looking at the disaster area midi controllers but I'm not sure what midi can bring to the table to help me in a live situation

      id really appreciate some help from those in the know on these things!

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      One trick you can do is limit the preset range. So, if you're only using five banks in a live situation, it will wrap around to the start again after the 5th bank.

      And yes, you could use a MIDI controller or an aux switch and then you'd be able to bank down as well.

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      From the support page:

      How do I go Bank Down?
      There are a few different ways to go down through Banks in Bank Mode:
      -Press Bank Up (Right Footswitch) and then turn the Encoder knob counter-clockwise.
      -Assign an Aux Switch to Bank Down.
      -You can go Bank Down via MIDI CC. This can be set up in the RCV CTL menu in System Mode/MIDI.

      Although, I have used the Disaster Area MIDI  and it's great! You've got to love being able to jump from preset ONE to preset 99 with one push of a button.

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      From my experience, I can suggest that a midi foot controller is an useful item. Since I am running 3 factor pedals (TF, MF and PF) for me it has become a necessity (and very fun too).

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