PF v3 – sloppy Harmonizer! Back to 2.3.0 for the 3rd time.

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      I love my Pitchfactor pedal. The MicroPitch, H910/949, PitchFlex and Crystals are gorgeus.

      But the main reason why I bought this pedal was the Harmonizer.

      The pedal came shipped with OS version 2.3.0 (2). Wow! What a marvelous harmonizer! I could play very dynamical – soft with bends – and fast with hard attack – the pedal tracked me perfectly.

      But now!? I updated the pedal to OS version 3 Beta. The update-procedure went well. All my preset was intact. And I really appreciate the naming of presets and the output-level-adjustment.

      But the harmonizer-tracking is rather unpredictable. And playing soft makes it even worser. E.g. playing a single line in C major, with a +3rd harmony. The major third could become a minor third (?!) – a 5th could be a b5th. Very strange!

      So I went back to 2.3.0 and the harmonizer worked like a charm again!

      This was a beta, so it is forgiveable….

      6 months later:

      I updated to V3 (production serie) with no problems.

      I was eager to test the new update. But the problem remained!!!

      How on earth, can a programmed algorithm (e.g. C major) have difficulties to choose between a major third (E) and a minor third (E flat)?!

      My expressionpedal (Boss EV-5) was not happy with the update either. It has trouble going back to Zero and after some minutes, it had trouble reaching 100. And the parameters on the display got crazy flipping bteween different values.

      So I went back to 2.3.0 again, and the harmonizer worked like a charm again!


      For me, this pedal is primary a harmonizer. So this is a serious issue!

      Please! Get it as good as in version 2.3.0…

      Honestly, I´m perfectly happy with 2.3.0, but it would be nice to have the ability to name the presets and adjust the output level…

      (I´m worried about the fact that nobody else have reported about this, so I blame myself and try to figure out what wrong I have done…. But I can´t see anything else than the fault is in the software or hardware.)

      Best wishes to You all,

      from a, otherwise, happy player.


      (sorry for my english)

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      Hey there, 

      Well actually, i really have the same problems,

      I like the pitch factor, 

      but the harmonzing problem is an issue, 

      It doesn't do it's job like it should:  indeed if a pick major, sometimes i get a minor third, 

      that's really not nice, 

      I wonder what eventide thinks about this, and I reallllllly wish they could fix this problem……

      So maybe some more people should give their complaint about this topic.

      Anyway , hope you fix this eventide, 



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