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      Is there any way you guys may create an algorithm that will mimic the pog style organ octave voice. I realize taking someone else’s work (EHX) and incorporating it in your product is a crappy thing to do but it would be great if we could get just the pog sound!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure I’m the 50000 person to ask. Maybe you could just say no and leave it at that.

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      Eventide Staff

      For the reasons you mention, it's probably a no.


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      I get a great organ sound with mine.

      I use the Quad setting to double 1 and 2 oct up as well as down, so every note is 5 octaves, and then run that thru an M9’s leslie speaker setting. 

      I like it a lot more than the POG, since its your real guitar tone, not a synth, so you can run a wah before, or even darken it with your tone knob. You cant do that with a POG.

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      I got some good results using the “Octives” feature in Crushstation by cleaning up the drive.

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