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      My tried and true Pitchfactor won’t start up after making a huge noise. Two days before leaving on a tour.

      It doesn’t start up, not with the original power supply, not with the voodoo labs power supply it’s been connected to for a few years.


      When I plug it in only thing happens: on the far left of the screen. a single vertical line of 5 yellow lights turn on. Nothing else. Otherwise, it remains totally unresponsive.

      Can anyone tell me what this screen means, if anything?

      Tried reboot/reset.

      tried connecting to the computer. Nothing. H9 control doesn’t see it.

      I’m surprised to discover that I don’t have a backup of my presets.  I’m kicking myself since I recently bought an H9.


      Thanks in advance for any help.





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      Eventide Staff

      Email support@eventide.com for troubleshooting and diagnosing the problem.

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