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      Is there a way to set up Pitchfactor to emulate drop tuning a 1/2 step Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb.  I saw an early post that said to use chromatic pitchshift set to -100 cents and mix to 100.  I went through all the effects on the Pitchfactor and I could not find anywhere to make those tweaks.



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      Hi A,

      To drop tune use the PitchFlex effect type. It is chromatic, ie it does not rely on key and scale tracking for pitch shifting.

      In PitchFlex, turn the Mix knob to 100% Wet and Pitch Mix knob all the way counter-clockwise to Pitch A.

      Now set both Pitch A and Xnob to "-m2" (minor 2nd) and you're done.

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      Thanks that works great, terrific for tuning down a ½ step, ala SRV. Shows how this unit tracks really well even playing fast lead lines.  It should have been so obvious to me how to set that up, oh well.  This is one of many reasons why I think your products and support are unmatched.




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      Can you tell me what latency that has?

      I currently test a Morpheus Droptune and it has 13ms of latency…

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      Man, am I glad you asked this. It was one of the first "custom" settings I figured this box should be capable of. In ye olde days, I used to adjust the pitch control on my turntable to bring drop-tuned stuff up to standard tuning. A side benefit was that all those songs were harder to play cuz they ended up faster than they should have been.

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      dave sabella

      I have an H9 max, can I do the drop tuning thing in the PitchFactor part of this pedal? Just left a gig where a guy was using his PitchFactor to detune and he told me he thought the H9 wouldn’t do it…is that true? If it will can you tell me how to do it?


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      Of course the H9 can do it.  All of the same PitchFactor algorithms (lots of options there), plus other pitch-shifting alternatives.  You can use PitchFlex, as described above (100% wet).  I happen to prefer PitchFuzz for limited range, straight-up tuning by semitones.  Here’s one example of that:


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