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      Dear Eventide –

      Being an Anthology owner can be frustrating as there is no built in system for plugin updates or notifications. The release notes don’t even have the date of release. I guess when you don’t work at Eventide, you feel totally in the dark in knowing if you have the latest release of the plugins or not. I shouldn’t need to be an insider for something so basic.

      You’ve heard it from other customers & now you are hearing it from me – please do something to help us.

      I look forward to resizable GUI’s for H3000 Factory & Delays.

      Thank you

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      The anthology does include a standalone installation option for both Mac and Windows.

      While I agree that an updated user interface for most of the apps would be a valuable addition, this issue is gradually being addressed with each update.

      Logically, if you have the latest version installed, the need for notification arises only when you receive an email notification from Eventide, which they consistently provide as updates occur.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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