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      I think I'm having a grounding problem with my Timefactor.
      When I  connect my VanAmps SoleMate to the Timefactor I get a really loud hum.  I have tried the sole mate and timefactor alone and with new/old cables, different configurations, etc.  Neither the timefactor or Sole Mate hum alone or with other pedals, only when connected to each other.  I'm certain it's the timefactor because when I touch any of the outgoing cables on the timefactor it picks up radio waves and they are amplified by touching the timefactor; the sole mate doesn't seem to pick up radio waves.  Not to mention I hear a pulsing click coming from the timefactor all of the time.  

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      It does sound like you have a grounding problem. But, for obvious reasons (like being here not there) there is not much we can do – you probably need to find someone who knows stuff.

      If touching the TF's case makes noises, this suggests that it is not grounded – you should check the cables going to it, and make sure that there is continuity between the shells of the jacks at each end.

      There is obviously a teeny chance that you have a bad unit, but bad cables or inappropriate connections are much more likely.

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      I figured it out.
      Stupid me, I made my own loop cables with two conductor + shield canare mic cable – because that's all I had.  Anyway,  one wire (red) went to sleeve and one wire (white) went to tip, guess where the problem was… that's right, I never grounded the shield to the sleeve on one end of one cable.  So, the sleeves both tested for ground continuity because of the red wire and everything appeared to be good on the outside but wasn't, hahaha.  
      Check those shields! 

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