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      Hi all, I am considering buying a Timefactor (new to Eventide products) BUT I am uncertain about how the unit switches between preset patches; more to the point it looks like one can only switch UPWARDS and not downwards. So for example I would set up a preset to give a subtle ambience to 95% of what I play, but may have another five or so presets to ‘effect’ my playing; so ideally I want to stay on the ambient preset, toggle up to the chosen ‘effect’ and then return back to the ‘ambient’ preset…. But does this pedal’s switching allow me to do this? I can’t be the only person requiring this. Very grateful for your comments and your views on the Timefactor.

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      The TimeFactor uses a bank mode paradigm.  So, as you wrote, you increment up in the banks and they you can use the other two switches to load either of the presets in the bank.  There are a couple of ways to accomodate what you want to do.  One, you can limit the bank range of the TimeFactor.  So, if you're only using 5 – 6 presets you can pack those in the first 3 banks, limit the bank range to the first 3 banks, and then when you reach bank 3, it will wrap around back to bank 1 again.  Or two, you can add an aux switch and assign it to bank down.  So, that you can go up and down.  There are a lot of different aux switches out there.  Barn3 makes one that sits flush with the TimeFactor, which is a nice feature:

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        It is as I thought but your work-around is very helpful, many thanks

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