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      I can't get the timefactor to update. Every time it gets to the download it just sits at 0% forever. I've of course registered it, and the update utility detects the device no problem. I've tried everything i can think of: restarted windows, reinstalled the update utility, plugged into different usb ports, disabled all firewalls, spybots, defenders, etc. Nothing i do gets me past 0%. Any suggestions?  thanks

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      Eventide Staff

       Hope you are not still having problems. But, if you are ..

      1) First, try a different computer.

      2) Second, you may have a hardware fault – contact Eventide Customer Support ( ) for help if all else fails. They can give you some tests you can run first so you don't have to send it in unecessarily

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      I don't have access to another computer at the moment, but as soon as i do, i will definitely try it on there, especially if eventide's support isn't able to suggest anything. Currently waiting for an answer from them. Thanks for your input.

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