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      Hello, I purchased 5 algorithms yesterday with no problem. Today I tried one more and received the  "purchase terminated, Amazon is holding your order from manual inspection." After chatting with 6 (SIX) "customer service" reps there and one phone call nobody could help me or knew anything about Eventide, the H9, or anything else for that matter. 

      What can I do?

      Thanks, Lonny Jarrett

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      Could you send an email to with the name on your credit card you were trying to use so that we can look up the transaction history?  Theoretically, that "Amazon is holding your order for manual inspection" message happens if your credit card has declined to immediately process the transaction.  That could mean it's something specific to your credit card or it could me that purchasing algorithms is for some reason setting off fraud alarms.  If you email, we'll look into it…

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      Done, thank you…..Really enjoying the H9 by the way! More on that later by I'm really initially impressed. 

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      Still can't make any new purchases of algorithms. Would love a call back on this. 

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      I just sent an email to the department in Amazon that manages their payment service and I included the transaction ids for the purchases you tried to make that failed.  Hopefully, they'll give us an explanation of what happened.  

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      Great, thank you. I have a transcript of 6 different reps transferring me and it is clear not a person there had a clue.

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      Is it possible to be a bit more aggressive on this? It's been a week and I can't buy the program I need. Thank you.

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      We had two users with this problem last week.  I sent Amazon two emails: one with the transactions you initiated that failed and the other with the transactions the other user initiated that failed. They sent me a response about his transactions but not about yours.  I'll write them again to see if I can get a status update, but what they said about the other user was: 

      We have manually verified these transaction but customer's bank declined processing it. We have requested buyer to contact bank for the declining these transactions and asked customer to re initiate it. 


      Please write back to us on if you have any questions or concerns.

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      I got a response back from my follow up email to Amazon and they just said the following.  I guess based on the information we've gotten back from them you should try again, and if the transaction fails again, you might want to give a quick call to the bank to make sure the transaction didn't set off some fraud protection trigger:

      Greetings from Amazon Payments. 


      We have reviewed your Amazon Payments account and found no issues with your account. Due to technical glitches sometimes few transactions get failed. 


      Please request your customers to re-initiate a transaction. 


      Please, do contact us if you have any other queries at

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      Thank you, will try again as I have time.

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