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      Hello forum

      Still puzzling my way through the basics of the H90 (and loving it so far).

      I’m wondering if there is a way to easily set (and ideally modulate) the stereo pan of the output of the H90.  I am not looking necessarily for an algorithm with auto panning capabilities.  I’m hoping to be able to manually adjust the stereo pan of the output, and ideally modulate it (with external LFOs sending CC sweeps, for example) so my patches can drift slowly within the stereo field.

      Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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      Eventide Staff


      Glad to hear you are enjoying your H90.

      Most of the algorithms will have a fixed stereo image that is determined by your I/O. For example, many of the 2-voice pitch shifting or delay algorithms will hard pan both voices. Other algorithms will have more unique panning operations (Filter Pong, TremoloPan, Undulator, UltraTap.) Some of the newer algorithms (Head Space, Polyphony, PolyFlex, PolySynth) have discrete panning controls for the voices.

      There is no global output panning that can be controlled outside of the algorithm’s parameters, but there are many interesting stereo effects that can be accomplished using the algorithm’s mentioned above (and many others).

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

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      Thank you so much for your attention! Amazing work on this and the H9, my compliments to the kitchen 🙂

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