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      Hi all,

      Proud owner of a number of Eventide stompboxes and really love the things. Quick question on the H9, is it safe to re-amp through it via usb while in the effects loop of an Avid Eleven Rack?

      I primarily use as an electric guitar effects pedal in the effects loops of an Avid Eleven Rack and have been recording guitar/bass into pro tools via USB with the Eleven Rack and the H9 in the effects loop.

      Recently I have been planning to start using the Eleven Racks re-amping feature.

      My plan was to bypass all the processing on the Eleven Rack except for the effects loop, which the H9 would be in. I would be sending tracks from pro tools (vocals, drums, strings, etc) back out to the Eleven Rack via USB to be re-amped and essentially only running through the H9 and back into Pro Tools.

      It may be a stupid question, but I don’t want to damage my H9, so is this signal(the track coming from pro tools) safe to run into the H9?

      I’m not too educated on the ‘line level’ or signal level that would be coming into the H9 this way.

      I see this as a great way to run already recorded vocals and drums into the H9 for some processing and hope it is safe to do with the unit.

      Any help on this matter would be greatly appriciated.

      Thank you for your time.


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