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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi!</p>

      I’ve just received a mission engineering ep 25 aero pro to use with the rose.


      I think I’m right in thinking that’s it is correct in terms of being 25ohm.


      However, the sweep of the pedal when viewed in calibration mode on the rose is quite far from linear……

      The first three LEDs are incrementally lit up with a really small movement from heel down towards toe down (20%ish of range). LEDs 4 and 5 then use up about 80 % of the range.


      This means that morphing between A B settings is not easy to do in a gradual way, with the halfway point in terms of parameters being hit after maybe 20-25% of the full expression range.


      I’d expect the parameter sweep mid point to be in the middle of the mechanical range of the expression pedal.


      Long and possibly waffly post, but, is this the best I can get with an expression pedal? Given that I’ve bought the recommended type?



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      Eventide Staff

      A look at the specs for that pedal suggests it should work correctly (and isn’t now).  There are a few things to check before you assume anything’s broken:

      – Check you are using a TRS cable (not a tip/sleeve instrument cable) and that all three connections work correctly.

      – The expression pedal has polarity switches that change its internal circuit configurations.  Perhaps they are set incorrectly.

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      Thanks for the response…..Yes, I’ve checked both the above.

      Good condition TRS cable and polarity switches set correctly.

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