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      Hi, just wanted to request a small feature for the control app on the iPad,

      I recvd my Tuna DJ Knobs a few months ago, but am unable to use them with the H9 control app, due to only Linear touch control option for the knobs in the app.

      if there were an option for rotary touch control this would greatly help and eliminate the need for carrying/adding another controller to my setup while travelling light…. and keeping the connection port free to connect to a soundcard etc..

      keeping all fingers crossed.!!!

      (P.s. have more questions but will create new posts for them)

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      I hadn't heard about the Tuna Knobs before.  I just ordered a packet of two of them.  We'll play around with them when they get here and see what we can do.  They look neat.

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      yeah they're really cool and quite responsive and smooth when the right pressure is applied. try them with touch osc, lemur, iElectribe, Jamup Pro, they all have rotary control option.

      i suggested the same to Moog for the Animoog as well.

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      Hello people, I wanted to know if anyone knows for which side (right or left) unscrews the knob on the eventide h9 max?

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