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      This is a silly question:  how do I secure the H9 to my pedal board?  Stated another way, is there a safe way to remove the little feet from the H9?  For my other pedals, I just put velcro on the back. But the H9 clears the pedal board and so the velcro doesn’t come in contact with the velcro on the board. 


      How do you guys do it? 

      Thanks, Kevin

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      I didnt remove the little feets i taped 2 stripes of velcro over the whole sits quite well on pedaltrain mini surface and never had to adjust it.

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      Hi Kevin,

      Basically you just have to peel the little rubber feet off.  They are on there with an adhesive back. If need be you can take a credit card or other hard plastic and slowly work it underneath them (and it won’t scratch the H9).   It takes a little effort but they come off just fine and then you can velcro away!!  Hope this helps.


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      Plus, you can get little rubber feet at any hardware store or department. Don’t worry about taking them off. I keep all mine attached to a little plastic card just in case I need to put them back on. Either way, they’re cheap.

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