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      Hi everybody, I think the H9 is the best pedal in the market, it has all I need in a small size, but the H9 could be better.

      I have Jamup, BIAS and BIAS FX, and all the users can share presets in a cloud, in the same app.

      When we want to share a presets we have to:

      1. Send presets to the computer.

      2. Send presets from computer to dropbox.

      3. Download the preset to the computer.

      4. Connect H9 to the PC.

      5. Send presets from PC to H9 via H9 Control

      So many steps!!

      I think to make a more stronger H9 Users’s community we need a way to share (and to ask) presets more easily.

      Please Eventide, Cloud it’s the next step!! 🙂


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