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      I would like to be able to identify and trace all the modules directly linked to an input. For example if I select input 1 it would be cool to have an option to color the nodes and modules that are a) directly connected or b) that are somewhere connected to it via another module. Sounds a bit strange but I often need to transform patches to have only mono input and I spent a lot of time to rework the machines presets by reconnecting it in VSIG. In that sense it would even be better to have a function that allows all links of one input to be assigned to another input in one shot


      A tiny one but I would really like to have an option that will automatically reposition all the modules on opening a VSIG file. I am a bit bored of doing it all manually, especially when you send a file to the machine, do some parameter manipulation on the EveNet in order to send it back to VSIG in order to save it locally on my PC. In a sense that leads me to (3)

      3) Custom Shortcuts

      I work extensively with other software and I use a RAZR Orbweaver for that, which is sort of a gaming mouse for MMO games. That thing rocks if you use it for any application that allows you to define your own shortcuts. It would be great if it would be possible in VSIG to do that extensively as I am sure I could easily speed up my workflow by a 100% if that would work in VSIG.

      4) I would like to be able to define the background color, that white background is killing me, especially after some good partying on the weekend  IndifferentCoolBig Smile



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      1) If you click on an input, it will highlight the module feeding it. Also, if you connect from one input to another while holding SHIFT, it will connect the moving input to the source of the other.

      2) Automatically repositioning would be annoying, especially as reposition methods are usually imperfect. I assume you use Edit/Reposition as appropriate.

      4) You can add a colored grid (Preferences/User Setup) which might help (or hurt). Set the grid size to 5 and select a nice restful pink for a different look.

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      I don't agree with 2) – I find I do it for every patch I open. (Make it an option…)

      Also, different backgroundcolours would be nice 🙂

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      Hi Razo,

      I always thought of it as an option. Nevertheless it would be "on" all the time.The important part is that I want this to happen on opening the file. I did not talk about this being done permanently and after each action. At least I can see that some people are still interested in VSIG! Yes

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      Thanks for (1), quite helpful, didn't know about this one. Would be cool anyway to have the whole signal flow to the outs colored though.

      Like I said, I'd like to see the repositioning on opening the Vsig file for the first time only…if I had tha option it would be once and not permanently.

      Now PINK???!!! Seriously???

      You are killing me, Nick!! Devil

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