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      So…for some reason ever since I got it I noticed that all the leds are always on but very dim and flickering even the red peak led and input led is on dim but flickering. I use the the 9v 500ma power supply it came with and it still happens. The pedal works but seeing vids online of it I notice it’s not supposed to act this way…I did think it was a little strange from the beginning but I didn’t think too much of it because it is a pretty wild stompbox but apparently it is a little funky. The hotswitch and tap and the input leds will always be on and kind of dim and the light will be a mix of red and green too even when they are not being used but when they are they will brighten up…kind of weird and thought maybe you could help me out.

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      Eventide Staff

      If it's till under warranty you should send it in.

      Otherwise, trying a different power supply would be good. It could also be a bad internal connection.



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      Thanks for the reply. I’m pretty confident in electronics so I took it apart and all the caps resistors and solder joints looked good and I used contact spray on both boards and all connections. I even reseated the ribbon cable and tried using my mondo power supply as well as the eventide ps that came with. It’s happened since day 1 but I realized with nothing connected but ps it shows inputs peaking and all that. Strange

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      I should also say I got it used at a GC a few years ago so no more warrenty. It’s been like this since I got it but didn’t think about it because it was my first eventide unit and thought it was odd but functioned so I let it be until now.

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