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      Okay… so I'm soon to pull the trigger on the Space!!! Like many of you I've been waiting for this thing for quite some time. 

      I do have a request for those who already have received theirs though… 

      Could you guys rate the basic "everyday" verbs (hall, room, plate) from the space? 

      You know, the types of sounds and settings you only notice when they're not there. 

      Transparency? warmth? etc..etc…

      Without a doubt,  Blackhole, Shimmer, and the lot will be worth the price of admission alone!!! 

      But, the lion's share of the time reverb is the effect I use just to add subtle ambience to the guitar, so it's not served up completely dry. Obviously for this transparency and not stepping on the original tone and articulation is quite important.

      Right now I use a Lexicon MPX1 solely for that purpose. It's great for what it does… but I'd *love it* if the Space could replace it utterly instead of being another mouth to feed in my rig.  



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      As a former MPX1 owner myself – I'd say Space does an excellent job for those "meat and potatoes" reverb tones as well.:-)

      I've found the Hall, Room, Plate and Spring algos to be tweak-able enough to give everything from transparent "only notice it when it's missing" kinds of reverbs, to the much more obvious, lush and effect-y types of reverbs. You can dial it up or down as needed.

      For traditional tones I'm REALLY liking the Spring algo, especially with its Tremolo functions which can get a very nice surf-y amp trem kind of sound (of course, the virtual springs won't give that satisfying explosive "Booooinggg!" you get from kicking the side of a Fender Twin at the beginning of "Wipeout"……but I get the feeling something could be arranged somehow when stepping on the HotSwitch…. LOL)

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      Well, this is just my opinion, but I think the Hall, Room, Plate and Spring algorithms are excellent. The EQ works very well to make them as warm as I want, but what really helps is the independently variable decay times for highs and lows. It's almost like having 2 separate reverbs (and DualVerb does exactly that, if I can't get what I'm after with any of the above). For instance, I have several presets whereI have a longer decay on the highs to give me a nice warm room sound that fades into an airy halo. I've also got a few presets with the opposite, where I get a bright tiled room sound that opens up into a cavern as it fades. The midrange EQ works great to either add body or make room for the guitar, making it as transparent as I want it to be, too. I've also got a small room preset that I leave on most of the time. I can't really tell when it's on, but I sure miss it when it's off. None of them step on my basic tone or get in the way when I'm playing fast.

      What really impressed me, though, is trying to replicate the actual spring reverbs in several of my amps. I've been able to exactly replicate (not just close but dead on) the reverb from my Fender Deluxe Reverb, Fender Tube Reverb, Mesa Mark IV, and Marshall DSL. I'd flip back and forth between the amp's reverb and the Space, making adjustments until there was no difference. Then I asked several friends to tell me, without watching, which one was the pedal and which was the amp. Nobody could hear any difference between the Space and any of the amps.

      I don't have an MPX1 to directly test against, but I have no doubt that the Space could hold its own against it. I do have several TC Electronic reverbs, both rackmounted and computer-based (studio plug-ins). The TC's are good, but the Space sounds better to my ears. I've also been using the Space in the studio and it's not quite (but almost) as realistic as several convolution plug-ins I also have, but it seems to fit into the mix better and adds something more… ?human? ?magical? ?organic? something… It just doesn't sound as ?surgical? ?steril? ?dry? ?generic? The only thing that comes close to the Space is the UAD EMT 140 Plate plugin, but that's not really something I'd want to use outside a studio, and even there, I've sometimes preferred the Space. Really makes me want an H8000, but I digress…

      Anyway, all that's just my opinion, but I hope it helps. For my guitar rig, I haven't heard anything better that didn't also say Eventide on it.

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      Eventide Staff


      of course, the virtual springs won't give that satisfying explosive "Booooinggg!" you get from kicking the side of a Fender Twin at the beginning of "Wipeout"

      We did seriously think about putting in an accelerometer to allow people to kick it, but then all the people who hit the push buttons too hard would worry ..

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      We did seriously think about putting in an accelerometer to allow people to kick it,

      LOL What a great idea!

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      The "Basics" are VERY, VERY good in Space.

      Hall is my favourite of the "Basic" reverbs and it is very beautiful,
      especially if you add some modulation to it…absolutely stunning, I could and
      have played for hours in this one Algorithm.

      Room is the one that I thought was a bit meh when I first tried it, but then
      when I switched it off I really missed it…it is more subtle in a good way and I
      also find it works REALLY well for an “Amp in the Room” feel when using crunchy
      amp models, really adds a nice air to the sound.

      I use Space now for all my reverbs instead of the Axe-FX Ultra as I think
      Space is richer and easier to dial in a great reverb sound.

      I do use the crazy stuff too but I would not hesitate in recommending Space
      to cover both basic and crazy reverb needs.

      Best “Pedal” reverb I have ever used, by a LONG way.

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      sorry, no idea what the "Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE" is aboutEmbarrassed

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      Yeah, the Room algorithm isn't one of those "hit you over the head" sounds, but what they've done with the early reflections in that one is extraordinary. I agree, it does a great job with "amp in the room" sounds. Almost invisible when it's on, but when it's off, the sound becomes almost empty, you know? And yeah, by far the best reverb pedal I've ever used, too… and it does sooooo much more than just reverb.

      +1 for the accelerometer!!

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      Thanks much for such thoughtful replies. 

      As I'm sure you all guessed, I was really just looking to confirm what I already assumed was a given. After all, we *are* talking about Eventide!  

      I absolutely *love* my factors…. and am chomping at the bit to start loving some Space!!!

      Thanks again,


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      I had the same questions. The blippy and weird effects don't impress me at all. I wanted to hear the Halls and Springs and Plates.

      I'm not sure why, but this comprehensive YouTube demo is NOT linked to on the Space product page… . I like it because Alan goes through every effect one by one. (I swear, after hearing Blackhole 15,000,000 times after NAMM, I was glad to find out it did something else.)

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      it is human nature to demonstrate what your thing does that the competitors doesn't ie blackhole and also to demo the WOW factor.

      But rest assured the "Standard" reverbs are just amazing. Hall is just stunning. 

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