Strymon Sunset activated by Space’s MIDI but unable to switch off

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      I have an Eventide SPACE and a Strymon SUNSET. The SUNSET is a dual overdrive pedal which has 300 presets you can recall by MIDI.

      I’m not so familiar with MIDI but I’ve managed to set my SPACE like this that when in Preset mode.. you go to a certain preset on the SPACE and when activating this certian preset It can activate one of the saved presets on the SUNSET. It works perfectly!

      But what it doens’t do is when I bypass the SPACE the previously switched on preset on the SUNSET stays on. I need to manually turn it of.

      What I can do is setting another preset on the SPACE next to it with only a dry sound coming but and where the SUNSET is saved as OFF. So instead of bypassing the SPACE to get my complete dry sound I switch to another preset on the SPACE.


      It just sounds like messing around like this and it would’ve been better if the SUNSET could be deactivated when I bypass the SPACE.

      Am I doing something wrong? Or anyone knows another way around?

      Or do I have to buy a midi controller to get what I want here?


      Thanks in advance!!

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